Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The latest hangover from the 'Cold War' - the Third World War which was hot in several under-reported parts of the world - is the announcement by North Korea that they have successfully tested a nuclear bomb.

For the ramifications of this latest accession to the axis of evil that is the global proliferation of nuclear weapons, please see the line taken by Maryland's Senate candidate Kevin Zeese, who argues that "North Korea shows the importance of negotiation and requires US to examine its own behaviour". We wish Kevin Zeese and his representation of the US people's voice all the best in the forthcoming midterm elections.

Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of the martial art of Aikido, urged humanity to abolish all nuclear weapons. We need the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and multilateral disarmament more than ever, and we are honoured to include CND on the MCH.

Imagine the myriad ways of helping our society and planet that could be funded by the £76bn. it would cost to replace and operate the Trident nuclear missile system.

Total Government spending per annum, as announced in the 2006 Budget, is £482bn. for current spending and £26bn. for net investment spending.

In what possible sense is it worthwhile spending £76bn. of OUR taxes because of the Mutual Defence Agreement, a treaty written in 1958 (just two years after the ignominy of Suez)?

The last time the Mutual Defence Agreement was renewed was 2004. Anti-nuclear MPs sought a debate on the matter. In this so-called 'democracy', their request was refused.

A more heartening piece of news from the North Korean one, and a far less widely published one, was the news in September that leaders from five of the Central Asian states had signed a treaty creating a nuclear weapon free zone.

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