Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Rebirth of MCH:

Gone Phishing - apparently.

We're back...

Well, well, well. It's been a strange few days for us here at MCH HQ. After being unexpectedly blown off course, the Million Campaign Homepage has been fixed and can now be found here.

We express our sincerest apologies for any trouble caused to pixel holders and surfers who had been trying to access the MCH page and reserve pixels.

A spanner was thrown in the works and our smooth sailing came to an abrupt halt when the site was suspended, quite suddenly and without any warning. At that point, 23 organisations had already taken up our offer.

However, it emerged that we had been accused by an unnamed organisation of 'phishing'. A stern letter of complaint has now been sent to our hosting provider, emphatically refuting that allegation, a portion of which is reproduced here:

"... The notion that the unsolicited emails we send out OFFERING pixels for FREE are spam, let alone phishing, is risible. We ONLY send emails to specifically targeted groups and orgnisations whom we believe may be interested.  If people are not interested in our offer they are at perfect liberty to delete our emails.  Equally we are not asking for passwords, bank details, credit card details, or any other sensitive information which could be used to defraud anyone.  All we are asking for are logos or Favicons and web addresses - information freely available and impossible to use for fraudulent purposes..."

So let's summarise - just so we're absolutely CLEAR:

1) Pixels on the site REALLY ARE FREE. We know it might be hard to believe - but it's TRUE.

We are interested in BUILDING BRIDGES, not making money.

2) We wouldn't even know HOW TO 'PHISH' since our minds don't work that way. In fact, we were just as flattered as outraged to be accused of such serious, high-level internet fraud.

"Blimey," we thought, "They think we're gangsters!".

We hate to break it to you but we're just not that clever!

3) If you receive an email from uksolidarity@googlemail.com regarding our offer, don't be scared - it's just us!

MCH ONLY sends emails to small campaigns, groups & organisations across the UK who we believe COULD be interested in FREE pixels on our site. That's it.

So please don't accuse us of phishing.

It's not nice. And it's not true.

Thank You.

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