Wednesday, January 31, 2007


VOTE BRIAN HAW - Tel. 09011 27 27 05

"Let them pack cake" - Polly Toynbee


The polls close this Friday at midnight in Channel 4's awards for the most inspiring political figure of 2007.

The Million Campaign Homepage and Small Fish Online fully endorse BRIAN HAW as the most inspirational figure. He has protested for 2069 days since 2nd June 2001 through wind, rain, snow, and hail in Parliament Square against Mr.Blair and Mr.Brown's illegal invasions. He has endured every kind of physical and mental abuse. He has been criminalised, marginalised and ghettoised - all for saying that killing is wrong.

We are indebted to artist Mark Wallinger for re-creating the peaceful banners and images that were stolen from Brian by the Metropolitan Police on the spurious legal basis that a terrorist could plant a bomb underneath them. They are currently displayed in the Tate Britain Gallery in London.


31.01.07 - Barbara Tucker gains brief respite from possible jail sentence (Rikki)
30.01.07 - Barbara Tucker banned and arrested (Mark Vallee)
30.01.07 - Barbara Tucker faces jail tomorrow (Rikki)

Most mystifying of all is the idea that peaceful protestor Barbara Tucker may be sentenced to a prison term when we currently face a total crisis of prison spaces, as Anne Owers, the chief inspector of prisons, warned on Tuesday 30th January. The idea that Barbara Tucker is a criminal is itself criminal. If she is imprisoned, she would become our Rosa Parks. The absurd SOCPA law (Serious Organised Crime Prevention Act) that prevents unauthorised peaceful protest in a zone 1km. around Parliament needs to be repealed.

Since there was no second UN Resolution in the build-up to the Iraq invasion, it is curious that those who stand up for peace are being forced into courtrooms, rather than those who instigated the invasion in the first place.

It is now time for Brian Haw and the marvellous people who support him to go home and enjoy the rest of their lives. It is also time for every single British soldier to return home, and enjoy life with their families again.

Please vote for Brian in the Channel 4 poll. It is possible to vote by telephone, text message, or email.

He and his supporters deserve a landslide.


Voices here
Gun shots there
Blood and bodies everywhere

My child is dead
and Mr Blair said,
in 45 minutes a bomb's going to fall on my head.

Now it's all fine
until a bomb similar to a mine
explodes and everyone dies.

- Julieta Batista Esteves (11)


Bugles sang, saddening the evening air,
And bugles answered, sorrowful to hear.

Voices of boys were by the river-side.
Sleep mothered them; and left the twilight sad.
The shadow of the morrow weighed on men.

Voices of old despondency resigned,
Bowed by the shadow of the morrow, slept.

dying tone
Of receding voices that will not return.
The wailing of the high far-travelling shells
And the deep cursing of the provoking

The monstrous anger of our taciturn guns.
The majesty of the insults of their mouths.

- Wilfred Owen (unfinished)

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